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Galaxy was founded by Kym Lee, considered by most to be the #1 Nail Professional in the USA and many parts of the world.  Kym has won more Nail Competitions than any single individual in a shorter period of time. Kym has done competition training for numerous up and coming Nail Competitors, all who have gone on to take winning positions.

Galaxy Nail Products is a manufacturer of superior quality salon nail products and supplies, manufactured and distributed Globally with dedication to the working Nail Professional since 1988.  Our success is founded on your success.  Our goal is to  provide you with the best working tools and knowledge in the industry.

Galaxy Nail Products was the first Professional Nail Company to invent and bring to market the unique "No Bubbles" formulas in our products. The development of these products have helped make the Nail Professionals job and clients much happier and satisfied. Galaxy uses select ingredients and the latest technology to bring you a complete line of superior products.

Galaxy's Fast Set System is the foundation on which our company was built. Galaxy Nail Products developed the Kym Lee System which has also been a fabulous award winning system.  When these system's are combined with Kym Lee's proven award winning acrylic techniques they will give you unrivalled results and quality.

  • About Kym Lee
  • 25 Year licensed Nail Professional
  • 63 time Nail Competition Winner
  • Founder and CEO of Galaxy Nail Products
  • Innovator of products that have set standards in the Nail Industry, such as, the fastest drying nail color ever, Glueless Tip System, Fast Set System, Kym Lee System, Eco Disposal System, Shimmering Glass System, Stealth Tips, and the Silked Glass System.
  • Featured on CBS' America Tonight with Bill Giest
  • Featured in the best selling book "Monster Trucks and Hair in a Can" by Bill Giest
  • National and International lecturer on technical and motivational topics
  • National and International educator on workshops and classes
  • National and International Nail Competition Judge
  • Runner up "Educator of the Year"

Our commitment to you is much more than providing the best nail products available.  We are committed to your future, through research, through innovation, continuing to bring you new products at the cutting edge.  And even more, we are committed to giving you the best service and practical solutions to the challenges you face everyday.  Galaxy Nail Products' promise is Kym Lee's personal commitment to you.  From the beginning, Kym Lee has made sure that all, in all that we do, we are dedicated to your success.

When you choose Galaxy Nail Products, you get the finest products combined with service, support and advanced technical information.  Everything you need to keep your clients happy and returning for more - the secret to any nail professionals success. 

1) The Fast Set System-

A fast setting acrylic system that's flexible and self leveling with violet undertones for no yellowing.

2) The Kym Lee System-

A moderate setting acrylic system that's flexible and self leveling with violet undertones for no yellowing.

3) Shimmering Glass System-

A system with 5 different glittered styles based in 3 different colored acrylics, the designs are unlimited.  It's all up to your imagination.

4) Silked Glass System-

The use of both fiberglass and silk in the same application with an activator so fine it leaves no pits behind, the use of two fibers creates the strongest fiber nail with no tale tell fibers behind.

5) Kits-

Galaxy offers a variety of kits from the Monster Kit to the Mini Kit in all of our system for any Nail Professional needs.

6) Colorific-

12 different colored acrylics, some electric colors with shimmer and some very solid colors, great for colored free edges or permanent nail art, let your imagination do the rest.

7) Stealth, Ultipmate, and White Lightning Tips-

Stealth Clear Tips with cut out well, Ultipmate Natural Tips full well, White Lightning Tips partial cut out well, all made from virgin abs plastic.  That will stick easily no pre-prep before acrylic application and won't turn yellow.

8) Kolinsky Brushes-

High quality Kolinsky Brushes ranging from sizes #6 - #12, 5 with acetone proof handles, 2 with acetone resistant handles.  All brushes adhesive holding Kolinsky brushes in ferrule is highly resistant to solvent eliminating the loss of hair. 

9) The Dynamite Duo-

Liquid Glass in clear shines like glass, dries in 3 mintues with no light and also comes in Blush which gives the nail a slightly rosy appearance with a violet undertone.  Liquid Glass can't be used on natural nails.

Smudge Me Not is Liquid Glass' partner in crime, 2 coats of liquid glass let it dry completely then 2 coats of Smudge Me Not, let it dry completely and you have the perfect finish.  Smudge Me Not can also be used on natural nails over polish.

10) Balance-

Levels the PH in the natural nail to control the oils so all products will adhere more effectively.

11) Almond Oil-

Moisturizes the cuticles and skin better than hand or body cream without leaving a sticky residue.  Best when used on moist skin like directly after washing hands or taking a shower or bath.

12) Eco Disposal-

The only product that disposes of excess monomer completely toxic free.  Be GREEN use Eco Disposal, your customers and the enviroment will appreciate it.

13) Classic, Custom and 2 in 1 Forms-

3 different types of forms to fit every shape and size of fingers.  Classic Form has an oval opening for an oval nail plates.  Custom Form has a square opening for a variety of nail plate shapes and sizes.  2 in 1 has a Classic opening on one side and a Custom opening on the other side with application area on both sides.

14) Terminator Buffer-

Terminator Buffer used to smooth the nail after filing the nail to shape.  Once you have used the Terminator, you will never want to use any other type of buffer again. 

15) Rocket and Skinnies Files-

Galaxy Files come in an array of shapes and sizes from 80 grit to 440 grit. 

16) The Newest Planet to our Galaxy-

The "ONE SYSTEM" a new generation in acrylic the first virtually Primeless acrylic with 4 beautiful pinks and 2 wonderful whites the "ONE SYSTEM" will change the way you do nails forever.




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